Yum Dinger Pumpkin Pepper Green Flake 3 in

Yum Dinger Pumpkin Pepper Green Flake 3 in

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YUM Dinger

YUM Dinger 5 Pumpkin Pepper Green Flake – Contino

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YUM Baits 5 Dinger Chartreuse Pumpkin Carolina Fishing Lure - YDG529

The Dinger became an instant bass fishing classic lure. One of the most versatile soft plastics on the market, the YUM Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches bass when other lures fail. This soft plastic bait presents a very subtle life-like action that even highly pressured fish can't resist. YUM Dingers have a unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups, and theyre tougher than similar baits so you get more fish per bait than any other.

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Yum Lures 4 Dinger 30 Count Dingers Green Pumpkin/Purple : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Yum Dinger 6: Green Pumpkin Chartreuse - Vimage Outdoors