Mustad In-Line Triple Grip Hook

Mustad In-Line Triple Grip Hook

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The Mustad In-Line 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook is built on the reliable frame of the original KVD Short Shank Treble Hook, upgraded with AlphaPoint and TitanSteel technology for superior strength and sharpness. With an aggressive hook angle that locks the fish and reduces snags, this hook boasts a strong high-carbon alloy wire for seamless hooksets and lightning-fast penetration. Upgrade your favorite hardbaits with premium hardware with the Mustad In-Line 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook.

Mustad In-Line Triple Grip Hook, 4

Mustad AlphaPoint In-Line Triple Grip Treble Hook

Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook

For catching beautiful shrimp fish, the Schrimp hook offers an ideal shape. N° 4x 10N° 2x 10N° 1x 10N° 1/0x 10


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Mustad Feather Triple Grip Treble Hook Yellow

Mustad TG77NPBN 3x Strong Jawlock Triple Grip Treble Fishing Hook-Chemical Sharp

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Anzuelo Triple Mustad In-Line Triple Grip Feathered Hook Blanco

Mustad Kevin VanDam Elite Triple Grip® Treble Hook


Rapala Magnetic Release Clip

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