Deep Capacity Waterproof Fly Box

Deep Capacity Waterproof Fly Box

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An extremely versatile, high-capacity waterproof box perfect for an extensive range of dries & nymphs., The Waterproof Essential Large is wonderful

Umpqua Essential Waterproof Large Fly Box

Fly fishing enthusiasts love to keep their flies safe and organized, and the best way to do that is to use a fly box. The Fly Box Waterproof

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, New 2023 model large capacity deep fly box. This four sided fly box holds a huge amount of flies and is suitable for dries, nymphs and streamers.

Large Capacity Deep Fly Box

Mini Waterproof Floating Fly Box - MAVRK Industries, Inc.

The Big Water case comes jam-packed with unique inserts and attachment features so you can have one box that does it all. Use the three included inserts to create a fly box, phone case, travel wallet, or boat box. Mix-and-match the inserts to fashion the box that you need for each of your adventures. Attaches securely to your inflatables (raft frames, raft tubes, float tubes, etc.) using our exclusive dual strap mounting points or the ClampIT style mounting feature on the rear of the case.

Trxstle Big Water Case

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