Badge Reel Nurse Anatomical Heart Retractable Badge Reel

Badge Reel Nurse Anatomical Heart Retractable Badge Reel

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Show the world a bit of your personality with these badge reels! Bring some kindness into the world with these badge reels! 100% SATISFACTION

Heart Badge Reel - Cardiac Badge Reel - Cardiology Badge - Cardiology Nurse Badge - Medical Badge Holder Retractable - Cardiology Nurse Gifts

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Anatomical Heart Badge Reel Retractable Telemetry Nurse Name Card Holder

Alligator clip that rotates 360 degrees, retractable reel, felt applique. Super cute Anatomical Heart Badge Holder. Designed to securely hold your medical badge reel in a fun and whimsical way, this badge holder is a great accent for scrub uniforms. This name badge holder is the perfect way to treat your cardiac loving nurse friends. Pairs nicely with our matching anatomical heart socks!.

Anatomical Heart | Nurse Badge Reel Holder

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【Material】:Made of high-quality ABS material,Colored acrylic, clip and nylon cord. 【Size】:Acrylic overlay on Badge reel based on image size,Badge reel

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