Alabama Jig

Alabama Jig

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Designed to swim true and snake through the cover the Outkast Pro Swim Jig is like no other swim jig on the market. The balanced head contains life-like eyes and is clear-coated to provide a strong, superior finish. The Outkast Pro Swim Jig is able to swim through the toughest of cover (wood or weeds) with ease. Its 30 degree eye placement keeps the jig up in the water column and swimming true no matter what type of trailer you choose.

Outkast Tackle Pro Swim Jig - 1/4 oz / Alabama Shad

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Alabama Jig

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Fishing Vault Fully Rigged 5 Arms 8 Bladed Alabama Umbrella Rig Bass Lure W/ Swim Baits and Jig Heads Included, Spinners & Spinnerbaits - Canada

The Point Wilson Herring Dart Jigging Spoon is a versatile lure with a wide body that provides great action and the heft to fish deep. It imitates herring, sardines, alewives and other baitfish and works well on salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna, striped bass and many other species. Made in USA. Versatile lure with a wide body Great action.

Point Wilson Dart Jig Herring Jig, Blue

HiUmi 5 Pcs Wire leader fishing swivel connect fishing lure and Bassdozer Alabama Jigs ~ Heavy Duty Flipping and Swimming Jigs

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This swim jig features a half-cut skirt. The small and slender profile of this jig perfectly matches smaller baitfish.The Dirty Jigs Finesse Swim Jig also features a bullet head for better movement through vegetation and 3-D eyes for a more realistic look.Features a VMC hook and a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper. Available in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8oz.

Dirty Jigs No Jack Swim Jig Alabama Bream / 3/8 oz

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